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They Loved Our Upcycling Consultation in NYC - Today: The Entrepreneur

C., is a much in demand woman ; between running her own business, being a Mom to two children, or becoming the honoree of a nonprofit improving the lives of children in foster care. One thing she does not have the time for is to organize her wardrobe and figure out what to wear with what. 

When she booked her Upcycling Consultation with Another Garde experts, her challenge was: 

‘Give me ideas of outfits for my go-to work wear! I am the boss now. How do I look the part while staying ultra comfortable? I am bored to death of my denim pants, crew neck top and flat shoes ‘uniform’... ’
Our stylist and our fashion designer jumped onto the first train to the rescue.

STEP ONE: Upcycling for badass workwear

A review of her wardrobe showed many remnants of her past as a pharmaceutical corporate: conservative and tailored suits ill fitted with her entrepreneur career.

But the fabrics were worth saving so we transformed long flared pants from Brook Brothers and Banana Republic into modern tapered at the ankle trousers (perfect fit for her slender and tall body shape) to create a clean and chic look for work and week-end strolls alike.  


C. also owns many unworn items like a cute plaid dress from French icon Ines de la Fressange x Uniqlo capsule collection. We get it; it was a collaboration that was hard to pass over. Unfortunately, she found it very hard to style it without looking like a prim 1970s elementary school teacher. 

We brought out some edge to it by transforming this A skirt into culottes that are very easy to style with her favorite sweaters or soft tees. Pairing it with a men’s blazer gives the outfit an ‘I am not here to play’ vibe that we dig big time. 

STEP TWO: Getting a specialized styling guide

We wanted to give a 101 stress free guide that could work for C. based on her personal issues when it comes to putting together an outfit:

A- Choose a foundational piece

B- Choose the color scheme of the day e.g. monochromatic, navy, black, brown, neutrals, etc.

C- Make her outfit go from an OK to a 'Oh yeah!' outfit by adding something that she does not need to wear like a layering vest.

D- Accessorize. She can have fun with jewelry in particular because her shoes have to stay practical and her backpack is a her everyday must

More generally, what works for this badass entrepreneur is contrast pairing - which takes her a little outside her comfort zone of comfort basics - for example, a leather jacket with wide leg culottes, stripe suit pants with leather sneakers or a A line shirt dress with a sporty bomber jacket or a cropped denim jacket.

STEP THREE: Curating that one WOW piece and that must have basics

C. was missing a few pieces that could go from her bakery to a TV interview or a meeting with other CEOs. Things that are no brainers and we found the perfect gems for her: a beautiful made in New York navy shirt dress from our fave Enda brand and some white leather sneakers that will go with any suit pants (hurray for classic Adidas Stan Smith!).  

And the styling revamp did not go unnoticed, C. says:
I wasn't sure what to expect, meeting the Another Garde reinvention squad for the first time, but I was very happy with the result! I wore the dress they recommended as a day-to-night outfit as I was going to the Met Opera after work and all my team turned their heads so fast and shouted ‘WOW’ :) ’.

We'll be there! And, with Mimosas.

Questions? Comments? Get in touch below! We can't wait to read you.
Interested to get styling advice? Our Upcycling Consultation services in NYC are currently on pause due to Covid 19 BUT GOOD NEWS you can still get styling tips by starting a chat conversation on our site or on our Facebook page!



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