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Fall season is here and not to sound cliché but it is the BEST season to get dressed. No more pressure to pretend to try out the boho maxi skirt or no more wondering how to hide the sweat patches caused by New York's scorching heat.

The sudden ups and downs in temperature in the same week (if it is not in the same day) can be a drag when trying to maintain a tight wardrobe. For me, my trinity from Sep-early December and from end of Feb-April is my 3BLACKS. Marie Kondo might not approve but let me tell you why they deserve spending time and money on them.



The men's blazer, custom made in 2004 by a men's tailor and a handover from my queer childhood boy friend

The shoulders are exaggerated just enough and the mid thigh length works with every look (office, rock concert or drinks with the ladies). My tip: choose one that has an interesting lining fabric print to add a je ne sais quoi when rolling up the sleeves.

The leather jacket, purchased in 2014 from independent brand Damir Doma

Because it is an investment piece, I would advise against impulse purchase. It took me 5 years looking around casually before I took the leap of faith and binged on that sporty leather jacket. This is the style I almost hired a personal shopper for just to get it done :) And to be honest, it would have been worth the $ spend given I have been wearing it almost 3 days per week every Fall and Spring.

The slouchy coat made of care free ponte fabric, purchased in 2015 from 'the brand we love' ENDA

As a mom, spillage is my middle name and I have lost count of how many times i had to take a sponge to spot clean my coat and it still looks brand new! It is oversized enough so i can wear thick sweaters underneath but not too much so that my 5'1 self does not get swollen by it. My tip: choose a non-pilling material when possible and with a little sheer so that you can wear it for dress up events too :)

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