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Find Your Style: 3 Ways To Wear The Turtleneck

When people ask us what is our ‘cannot live without’ basics, we, quicker than a mom downing a latte after school drop, scream: ‘turtlenecks!’.

And we want to - shamelessly -  convince you why this style needs to graduate from being a comfortable ‘I don’t care mood’ top to becoming the most versatile basics in your wardrobe for work, going out and stylish outfits. It is also high time that this style gets redemption from its status of being Theranos Elizabeth Homes’ supervillain spandex top.

The ultimate work alternative to blouses

You can pair it with fitted or relaxed suits or layer it underneath your favorite work dress. And for those of us who need a shirt for the office, no problem they look great underneath a white shirt too!

The essential for a not so warm & stylish night out

You can play it cute and sophisticated with a A-line skirt like the Suzanne Rae Pleat Skirt , fierce and bad ass with an oversized faux fur vest and knee high boots or artsy with a wide leg jumpsuit.

The layering piece that actually spices up your outfit

You can layer it with two outerwear items and make winter fashion fun. We love it underneath a denim jacket and an oversized coat or under a denim jacket and a chunky sweater. Cozy and Chic.

Turtleneck to spice up your outfit

YES, we love turtlenecks and and we are walking the talk too! To offer the best turtleneck out there, we collaborated closely with vegan Fashion brand, Enda, to revamp her Wayne Turtleneck style based upon the feedback of our customers, who purchased 2 years ago and are still wearing them. 

Improvement 1
We lengthened the body and made the neck more snug and higher to elongate our silhouettes and make the style a more versatile layering piece.

Improvement 2:
We increase the color palette and chose beautiful and warm colors that will kick ass whatever your skin tone or hair color are. 

Improvement 3:
And last but not least, we added a new fabric quality ‘the Misty line’ that is lighter for warmer temperatures or for a sophisticated look.

Do you feel the love?
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