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Find Your Style: How To Wear Navy And Black

When we tell our customers that we love a good old combo of Navy and Black to steer away from  “The Crow all black’ outfit, we are very often met with a What The Heck??? response. Turns out it is an enduring fashion myth that navy and black don’t go together. A stylist shared that 1 out of 4 of her clients asks her how to pair these neutral and business meeting appropriate colors without looking like you are bored out of your mind. 

The thing to remember about Navy and Black is that one has to do it with total PURPOSE. And not, in a ‘I think it is close enough a shade to match’ way or worse pretend that ‘oops it was an accident, I did not realize it was not an all navy outfit’.

Here are some ideas to own the Navy/Black combo with pride.

Pick up the foundational piece of your outfit in either or Navy and use the other one for accents

For example, you can choose accessories such as a cute belt or accent details like deep pockets on  pants or cuffs like in the Cargo jacket and pants set by Inter-pret.US to stand out in a job interview.

Use other colors to create a clear contrast 

We found that with navy and black, there are actually many complementary colors to play with. We love white blazers or button shirts for a crisp effect, but also the ever chic but warm combination of browns, black and navy. For a playful twist on a classic outfit, try to combine various shades of navy and blues. 

Blend different textures

For example a black corduroy jacket with navy denim trousers, a navy wool jacket with leather pants or a satin button up with mixed wool blend work trousers.

Add some prints to make it fun and elegant

Polka dots add a flirty touch to your everyday blouse look while you can play with geometrical shapes for a badass look.

Oversize one outfit item to create contrast and urban look 

We love to pair a navy jumpsuit, like Enda’s jumpsuit, with a dropped shoulder big black coat or a big knit sweater over a skirt or shorts for an edgy winter outfit. And yes, we can wear shorts at any age! 

And to be uber EXTRA, why not throw in those hot pink trousers? :)


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