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How To Rock A Long Vest Like A Boss

Vests are a great layering for BIG meetings. They bring authority and originality. Guaranteed WOW effect. I recommend vests with deep pockets for pens, lipstick -my lucky charm - or hide your phone :) I do love pairing my long vests with relaxed culottes and pop sneakers when trying to impress top creatives at this 'casual' coffee chat - that is never 'casual'. 

That is why a unique and made-to-order briefcase AND backpack comes handy to carry your tablet with your entire kick ass portfolio on it, design samples, or prototypes. Yep, show them that you ARE the MVP (Most Valuable Player). 

How To Rock A Long Vest Like A Boss White Pants Backpack Black Button Up Shirt

Featuring the Lou Button Up, Cognac Explorer Backpack, Sensei Duster Sleeveless Vest, Nova Necklace and Sneakers by Kenzo.

For more details about this look, or litterally any other question, remember you can Ask Us A-NY-THING here! :)


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