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Jihoe Koo


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This printmaking 'Waiting_No one calls me' is one of Jihoe's printmaking from her series on memories of childhood.

Jihoe Koo begins her pieces through the process of etching. As the pieces develop, she incorporates drawing and collage through the use of pencil, ink, marker, watercolor, paper and threads, which she glues onto the surface or stitches into the paper. She is interested in exploring the concepts of time and memory, and finds the technique of etching to be a suitable means for expressing these ideas.

This print is sold unframed.


Since embarking on the path of motherhood, J. Koo thought she was losing herself and her artistry. But soon she discovered her kids were reflections of herself and her childhood, so that her existence would never disappear. 

On her prints, the children are colorfully dressed but the faces have no color and the artwork depicts all kinds of emotional states, moods, memories, places and expressions.


Material: Drawing with marker, pencil, pen, water color, photo collage, digital print on Printmaking paper

Made in: 2015

Length: 19" (48cm)

Width: 13" (33cm)

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