Your Bag

Another Garde of Women

Photography by Carolina Palmgren. Model: Kailah NG.

It took us almost two years to get here. We started with Big and Bold ambitions: from wanting to disrupt fashion business models that make it difficult for alternative brands to shine, to a desire to curate the best of the best creatives in the world. The journey has been humbling, sometimes even confidence shattering, and finally eye opening. Encounter after encounter, laughter fit after giggle, rant after meltdown, we realized that the real and only challenge that actually mattered was in front of us all along: YOU. You, complex, witty, mature, free and confident women who break ceilings and kick out of boxes, scream and smile, have chipped nails and remain elegant and wonderfully modern.

Left: Kailah wears the Catherine coat by Enda. Right: she wears the London knit vest by Foxx + Walsh.

Everything became clearer. Our ambitions became your celebration. A joyful celebration of womanhood that we hope to showcase through collections by dedicated and soulful creatives who embrace who you are. They design and create for women like you in mind. They take their time and aim for relatable luxury with luscious materials, unaffected looks and beautiful attention to details.  

Kailah is an adept at kickboxing and Muay Thai. Beautiful.

Love takes time. We hope you will let us in and say hello back.

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