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Photography and creative direction: Carolina Palmgren

What We Do

We offer a curated and feel good wardrobe that evolves with you.
For women by women.

What We Stand For

We celerate you modern, confident and original women: your life, style and individuality.
The type of women who break away and refuse to be labeled.
We want to create a space for joy, inspiration and wit.

Our story

We started this bold journey because we believe your own personal style can be empowering.
But we felt that fashion can be, too often, exclusive and disengaging.

So we asked ourselves:
Which pieces and collections can help you show off who you are now and who you may become?

And we concluded:
Clothes are beautiful but they are just clothres if they don't allow you to tell your own life stories.

This is why we handpick fashion pieces - crafted to last - from women designers and creatives who care.

Timeless pieces you will keep and will wear again and again
To re-invent yourself to be a

Woman. On your own terms.

#liveit #loveit #ownit

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