Your Bag

Photography and creative direction: Carolina Palmgren. Model: Embrey

We are SO thrilled to introduce brand new collections! Finally. Every detail of this new coming out took time. And doing things slowly is often more challenging than doing things fast. But we dearly wanted to do the things right by you and right by what we stand for. Thank you all for your patience.

One of the challenges we learnt since our launch last Fall is this: giving a chance to an alternative brand - and this online on top of everything else - is daunting and counter intuitive. Our clients asked: ‘What is this brand? Will this really fit me? I don’t usually wear this type of color or silhouette…Is this really worth the price?’

We feel you. We have witnessed a mix of excitement and wariness in our customers’ eyes. One customer, after buying an oversized coat with dropped shoulders, told us: ‘I never saw myself being able to rock this style. This silhouette always seemed too cool and stylish for me.’ These confessions reinforce why we do what we do and why we spend so much time hand picking pieces. We are not fast fashion, we are empowering fashion.

Embrey wears the Sensei Duster Sleeveless Coat by Schai and the Twigs Culottes by H.Fredriksson. silver Veda studs by Nettie Kent.

We screen brands and styles and ask each other: 'Will her dress make her feel great in her body? Will she wear her dress for years to come? Will her lover see her in a new and exciting light?'

SO WHAT DID WE FIND YOU FOR SPRING? Delicate and timeless original prints, refined lines, raw edges, fun and flirty leather accessories, flowy and versatile dresses, structured and feminine vests, styles that you can wear different ways, pants that are soft on your skin and curves and last but not least ethically made pieces.

In short, some wardrobe essentials to embrace your femininity without compromising your comfort. You will be able to show off your skin without feeling naked, to command without losing your sensuality, to dance without feeling constrained, to jump from joy without falling flat on your face. And be able to do these, day and night.

And last but not least we met awe inspiring women: a model mama or an icon professor who we hope will rock your world, just as they have rocked ours - to the core.

Embrey is dancing with the Joni Dress by H.Fredriksson.

This Spring re-launch for us is STRONGER, MORE EMOTIONAL, AND MORE ENGAGED. We are no longer eccentrics on our own, we have’ Another Garde’ of women besides us and behind us.

Let’s shine together. Differently. Shamelessly.

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