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The Brand

Atha is an art-driven accessories and lifestyle brand. Artists working with artisans, merging their skills and visions to create something new that neither of them would have done alone. Rooted in traditional craft practices, they love experimentation and have an eye for the unique. They are committed to an ethical and sustainable end-to-end process, from design to production. They only engage vendors with ethical work practices and take pride in the authenticity of the materials and the skilled artisans they work with.

The Mantra

"'Our mission is to create Joy through Beauty Beauty for both the Maker and the Viewer. We value the handmade; it demands a strong connection between the maker and the material and it requires presence and intention in the moment. This is what we want to encourage more of in the world. Atha means ‘now’ in Sanskrit. It is a reminder to draw our attention to the present moment.'"

The Artistry

The start of each collection is designed in founder Michelle’s studio in Brooklyn. Jewelry has been prototyped in paper and sculpey and scarves typically start as paintings. Once the ideas have taken a form that can serve as a good starting point, Michelle travels to Nepal and Bali to work closely with the artisan groups there to render the ideas in fine materials.

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