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Photography by Murlin Saint-Jean. Model: Rachel Fox. Rachel is wearing the Pleat Dress by H. Fredriksson, and Another Garde's Lou Button Up White.

Gamechangers: An Ode to Carefree Clothing + That “Over It” Feeling

When did you stop caring? About someone staring at your messy locks, or at that small stain on the white blouse you pull out of your closet about once a year to show you have your life together. When do you start feeling dull? Because without noticing it, you have been wearing the same clogs (you don’t even like) every day in July, August, and September. You even wore them to your best friend’s wedding and throughout the entire gala fundraiser season.

Many of our customers often answer these questions with a laugh: ‘well, when my kids came along, I guess...’ And we agree and can relate. Who cares what people think? When you barely sleep and are the multitasking champ of drinking coffee while driving and running around all day long to drop off someone, collect something, call off another thing, pick up something (or was it someone?). A client shrugged: “I feel I gave up, became kind of a...‘whatever person.’ ” Another confided: “people just don’t believe that I am really on top of my game because I am still wearing my maternity pants at work.’ If only not caring always felt good - as it should.... But it often does not feel great. And aimless 2am online shopping will unlikely fix it.

Therefore at Another Garde, we ask: 'how can we bring back the smiles? How can we help women feel strong and carefree? How can we make life easier?’

We looked hard for the little things that can help. We found that a silky ruffled blouse that you can cold wash in your machine after your toddler spits on it, chic asymmetrical dresses that you can actually move in and wear at the grocery store, draped coats that make you feel like a ninja warrior, comfortable pant with great structure that you never have to apologize for and sheer knits that you can nap in - can be gamechangers.

We believe this because such clothing is created, tested, and produced by other women just like you; fabulous, talented and hardworking women who understand that original style, elegance and confidence never have to compromise comfort and joy. Mamas who believe that creating relaxed clothing can be exciting and be more than empire waist dresses. And we are so proud to work with them.

Five years from now you will not remember whether your favorite coat was black or grey, or whether your next door neighbor gave you a compliment on it. You will remember how often you wore it and how you liked every minute of it.

Not caring is not giving up. It is standing up. For a carefree self.

Rachel is walking about in Suzanne Rae's Draped Coat.

Rachel is wearing Study NY's Handknit Vest, H. Fredriksson's Lucy Pants and Schai's Second Skin Turtleneck.

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