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The Brand

Based in New York and launched in 2012, Enda is a womenswear and accessories brand catering to ageless and refined women. Enda’s philosophy and aesthetic is deeply transcultural, touching the essence of modern women everywhere. The designer is committed to create cuts and silhouettes that compliment these women and celebrate their strong visions and personalities. Versatile and playful, Enda’s collections want to open up endless possibilities for women who wear them. From sampling to production, everything is made locally in New York to deliver the highest quality of fit and feel. The brand is committed to environment friendly & cruelty-free practices throughout the entire design and manufacturing process. Already noticed by Fashion pioneers in Japan, the label is planning to expand its business internationally.

The Inspiration

The Mantra

"Bold femininity is a continuous journey made of discoveries that one has to share with others."

The Artistry

Her ‘Urban Athletic’ collections are inspired by the streets of Tokyo. It blends the eclecticism of street sportswear and metropolitan chic elegance. Soft denim pieces mix up with slouchy shaped outerwear and wide legged bottoms for relaxed women on the go. Each piece is functional and fun, sensual and unaffected, feminine and confident, chic and effortless.

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