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The Brand

From a very young age, Creative Director Derek Guillemette inherited his love for design from his mother, who made her own clothes . He grew up fascinated by how a woman uniquely creates her very own personal style - her very own fashion. Derek’s brainchild, INTER-PRET.us, is thus built on a versatile and simple foundation: a palette of primary colors to spread onto a canvas and create your own vision. His collections are inspired and thoughtful but never contrived, always timeless but never classic, it thrives for simplicity but is not minimalist. Derek is forever committed to the balance of proportion and shape. He finds inspiration in urban landscapes and architecture, light and shadow and raw details - distant and exotic realities from his childhood playgrounds in the forests of New Hampshire. He is also inspired by the works of David Lynch, Tony Duquette and Zaha Hadid: visionaries who created their own world and personal mythology. The women he dresses are bold and independent, yet sensitive and not afraid to embrace their emotions. They have overcome demanding obstacles and are thankful for the wisdom acquired. They follow their passion, are curious and not afraid to explore the unknown.

The Inspiration

The Mantra

"'All designs tell a story.'"

The Artistry

We are a young company so our current designs are the overture that our future aesthetic will revolve around and evolve from. Hand sculpted ruching represents the emotion behind our work; coincidentally it also makes movement easier with the right design. Our black, white and navy palette provides the foundation to build a wardrobe upon. Natural horn buttons provide the organic balance to the technologically advanced fabrics we adore.

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