Your Bag

Photography and Creative Direction by Carolina Palmgren. Model: Kailah NG.

Did you feel, this morning, the twinkle of a breeze announcing that fall is here? But you are not ready to move on. You are greedy, and you decided that it is not fall yet. You decided there is plenty time left to think about 'back to work' outfits and big end of year planning. For now, you take in that peaceful breath and wander.

Roan cashmere sweater and Rene superfine alpaca knit sweater by Foxx + Walsh

Luscious cashmere and superfine alpaca knits become more than essential transition pieces. They give you a way to slow down and just enjoy life. They are worn freely, like a second skin. We, at Another Garde, have fallen in love with the dedication of Foxx + Walsh . They work with beautiful yarns of cashmere and superfine alpaca. Every knit has its own personality.

With Roan, Foxx + Walsh features a palette for years to come: a contemporary gray peppered knit with speckles to make it a very versatile add- on to your wardrobe. Its loose and deconstructed silhouette turns a classic peplum cut into a modern and contemporary fit.

Rene is the result a love story between designer Joanne Walsh and a women’s cooperative in Bolivia that promotes the empowerment of women artisans, many of whom are household heads. With Rene, these talented women have hand-knitted a sophisticated stitch into a super loose, soft sweater exclusively for Foxx + Walsh and in a limited series.

Tote bag by Moses Nadel

Moses Nadel’s leather accessories are very special pieces, with each piece crafted with love by the designer himself. Moses’ decision not to line his accessories is also simple: there is nothing to hide. Meticulous attention is paid to every hide of leather and every little stitch in order to craft non-disposable and unique pieces. Age and wear is considered every step of the way: sourcing the perfect hide and materials can take months; crafting a prototype is a journey that time cannot easily define. It takes Moses one full day to create a tote bag, two for a backpack.

Love takes time. So does quality, and so does life. In the words of Moses: ‘Let life unfold’.

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