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The Brand

Camille and Margot are French sisters now living in Brooklyn, New York and creating luxurious and playful handbags following their family’s long craftsmanship tradition. Manufacture Pascal is a homage to Louis Xavier Pascal, their great, great grandfather, who founded the company which was then specialized in textiles and belts. After successful careers in fashion design, marketing, wines and world travel, the two sisters reunited to continue the Manufacture Pascal story by working with local artisans in New York City. Camille and Margot find inspiration and drive in their own family travels and everyday explorations, following the Pascal tradition. They create for ‘warrior gentlewomen' who are strong and yet vulnerable, and who proudly share their scars with the world.

The Inspiration

The Mantra

"Never go on trips with anyone you don't love. Ernest Hemingway"

The Artistry

The Pascal sisters design all of their bags in their atelier in Brooklyn and work with the local artisans of New York City. They are proud to work with American vegetable tanned leather.

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