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Video by: The Italian Minimalist. Model: Alexis Nelly.

Me, Myself and I : an ode to every multi-tasking woman

We know getting dressed in the morning can be tricky as you gather all your files and rush out the door at 7.30am with kids and dogs in tow. As you wait for the office elevator, it is ‘cleansing time’: apply some lipstick (check), swap your lucky slippers for heels (check), and straighten your pants (check).

All traces of the woman who rolled out of bed this morning are gone. You have your game on face for your daily team meeting. And everything is just fine. But as you look at yourself in that horrid elevator mirror you are thinking: ‘I really, really hate this suit. And oh bummer, I also have those after work drinks tonight. I guess I will be the invisible matron, AGAIN.’’

Life should not be so complicated. But it does feel complicated as we, women, try to shatter through the glass ceiling while hoping to be both attractive and powerful, feminine and appropriate, sophisticated but not ‘trendy’, ...and be comfortable in our shoes (literally) for 15 hours straight.

Tons of books have been written about the Dos: clean silhouettes and lines, impeccable fits, premium quality over labels, mix and match, day and night outfits, a few investment pieces - and the Don’ts: latest high street trends, flowy shapes, tight skirts, cheap blazers etc. - of work uniforms.

We do agree on most principles - awkward past experiences of split pencil skirts are enough proof :) This is why we focus all our efforts on curated well cut clothing with great versatility and wardrobe mileage that shows and not hides you. Our favorite styles include long layering vests, original white blouses and no fuss perfectly tailored pants. Because the truth is this: every minute, every hour, every day it is YOU that you are projecting. All of you. At home, in the office and in a bar. So let’s forget the pantsuits and maybe we do need a uniform to make that morning routine feel like a breeze. But let’s create our own and leave the uniforms of others in the closet or even better trash them with that old pencil skirt.

Express every single aspect of who you are. And be slacks-like comfortable while doing it.

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