Your Bag

The Brand

Designer Nettie Kent grew up on the island of Martha’s Vineyard where her playground was the beach. Currently she lives and works in Brooklyn, NY but still divides her time between the city and the sea. Her background in Fine Arts, mural and fresco painting, pottery, metalwork and sculpture are the foundations on which her jewelry is based. Just as many others, we appreciate her organic forms, unique designs and her ethical approach to jewelry making. The jewelry she crafts is a seamless and delicate balance of Nettie’s two worlds: the urban and the seashore. Summers on the beach and winters in Brooklyn influence her designs of organic shapes cast in rough golden metals. At Another Garde, we love that her pieces are so intimate that they become a part of one's own selves.

The Inspiration

The Mantra

"Just let it happen."

The Artistry

Nettie muses and wanders when carving jewelry. She starts with an original sketch that is often abandoned as she finds the piece as it evolves itself before her eyes. She works texture into her designs, the same way she did in painting - her first artistic expression. Nettie takes an ethical approach to jewelry making by focusing on sustainable design and sourcing recycled materials.

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