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Creative Direction Carolina Palmgren

Hello beautiful lady,

Thank you for checking us out! Another Garde was created for women who refuse to get labeled.

Over the last two years, we have had the privilege to talk and work with hundreds of women who believe that when you do refuse to fit into a mold, ‘getting dressed is getting stressed’. And this is without counting the daily grind of running after kids, advancing your career and managing fun time with your loved one and favorite ladies. I get it; I really do. As a mom to 3 (active) young kids, every day I feel like a hot mess! A hot mess who still wants to feel on top of the world every day. Women should not need a special occasion, like someone else’s wedding, to feel amazing.

That is why we decided to provide a full service to create a wardrobe that works for you:
We are your FEEL GOOD style confidant who help you explore outside your comfort zone while staying true to your self.
There is ONLY one YOU. And she deserves a break from nonsensical fashion that sets up impossible standards to live up to.

This is what makes me get up every morning. This is how I handpick women designers who celebrate women’s complex needs and aspirations. This why I design styles, like the PENELOPE dress, to show off curves without compromising comfort. Yes, life happens, bodies change, why should we be embarrassed about that?

Every piece is selected to help create a beautiful memory not only in your head but for your body. Your body remembers when it has been mistreated or spoiled silly, it really does. Women often ask me ‘How do I look?’ after a styling session and I always answer: ‘HOW DO YOU FEEL?’ because this is the most important thing to us.

If all this rings a bell, let's talk more and feel free to drop a message, I will always answer.


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