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The Brand

Paychi Karen Guh was born and raised in Taiwan and moved to Vancouver, Canada when she was a teen. She always had a keen interest in sewing, knitting and exploring colors and patterns. After refining her skills, creativity and industry knowledge, she launched Paychi Guh (pronounced “pay-chee goo”) in 2013. The brand combines her love for knitwear design and cashmere, and passion for architecture and modern art. Paychi Guh is best described as wearable luxury knitwear, renowned for its comfort, versatility, timelessness and flattering fit. The designs pinpoint lightweight, breathable, seasonless pieces that are beautiful on their own and as layering pieces.

The Inspiration

The Mantra

"'Each design caters to the independent, creative woman who desires individuality, timeless style, and ultimate comfort.'"

The Artistry

Paychi Guh incorporates simple form, refined texture, modern graphics and high-quality cashmere into her knitwear. She uses subtle surface textures and refined seaming details that make understated and sophisticated pieces unique and desirable.

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