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Celine and Soumountha in Paris, Le Marais, this summer.

Our motto is "Woman. On your own terms."
And we mean it.
We're your feel good style confidant.

Quiet Summer Parisian walks, pastries and wine - we only live once, after all ☺ #yolo - set the perfect atmosphere to reflect on the amazing journey Another Garde has been so far. A journey of meeting, debating and offering strong women independent New York fashion.
Since the beginning, for us, it has been about way more than clothes. It's about women: our values, our lifestyles, our individuality and about how style can affect our self-image. And about how age should not be a variable to explore new silhouettes or color palettes and take risks to step outside of our comfort zone. And we certainly don't want to hear about what we should and should not wear.
Instead we want to help you rock your very own style, feel good and shine!

Looking for inspiration? We hope you will enjoy reading our stories, articles, reinvention library and checking out our outfit ideas, picked by Soumountha..
You're in for more? We offer you personal styling and made-to-order pieces.
Why celebs and not you? You deserve it! We like to call this 'relaxed luxury', and this is what true luxury should be about.

We tested it for you too. Soumountha found ways she can rock heels and feminine scarves without compromising over her quirky personality. Celine discovered how tailored and structured pieces can a have uber cool factor when mixed in with flat sneakers and how you have more fun with half tucked in shirts.
Check out their personalized STYLING BOARDS below!

So what's next? Just be YOU, we’ll take care of the rest.
It's simple: Ask us A-NY-THING HERE and we'll get back to you with personalized styling advice.
Time to let your feel-good style confidant work for you!

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