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The Brand

Project 6 is a line that redefines basics as building block pieces that allow women to express themselves through their own personal style. As a life-long dream for designer, Shaindy Backer, Project 6 is versatile clothing for versatile women. Shaindy, the founder, is a wife, mom, friend and entrepreneur. Project 6 creates pieces with mothers, entrepreneurs and career driven women in mind by creating designs that you can wear with ease and easily transition from day to night. Project 6 believes that it is a label brought to life when their customers use their designs as a language and style them to show to the world whom they are.

The Inspiration

The Mantra

"Fashion is an art, no two women are the same, let the pieces express what's inside."

The Artistry

The Project 6 Shaindy Backer Collection is simple and sophisticated, classic and modern. Each piece is designed with clean and effortless shapes and made unique by unexpected drapery and innovative construction. Project 6 brings timeless designs that lives beyond the season and merges traditional styles with a new direction.

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