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Reinvention story: Olga

Telling a story is not only nice. It is needed to encourage others to come forward, to inspire them to take risks or find much-needed solace in shared experiences. This is why, we at Another Garde decided to celebrate reinvention stories, such as the journey of Olga, a high wattage Media executive turned Integrative Health and Nutrition Coach focusing on helping women to restore balance in their lives. Meet the inspiring Founder of Zesty Glow.

What triggered you to get onto this new life mission?

Coaching and mentoring has always come to me very naturally and I’ve done quite a bit of it “unofficially” with friends, especially women, over the years. When I moved to NY 8 years ago it became more official as I helped launch the Women in Media Mentoring Initiative, now known as Women Advancing, led by Jack Myers. I had a good taste of what women business and career coaching meant, loved it, and wanted to do more of it.

However, that wasn’t enough to leave behind the “great career and lifestyle” I was so proud I had built. Looking back, I can think of two reasons. As a Spain born and raised woman and immigrant, success requires more determination and once you get “there” it is hard to give it up. I also didn’t want to limit my coaching to career mentoring but make it broader, more holistic and integrate healthy living into the mix.

My personal struggle to relieve menopause symptoms naturally was my final wake-up call to make the career change I had been considering for some time. Finding purpose really triggered something in me. I didn’t want other women who want to feel and look better naturally to struggle the same way as I did. It is totally unnecessary and can be avoided by having the right information, guidance and motivation.

This defining moment gave me the inspiration, clarity, and strength I needed to shift gears quite dramatically and create the new and exciting lifestyle I was craving. I was now ready to do something that would fulfill me, and I was good at. Perfect recipe for success in my opinion.

I get a real kick and pride from seeing my clients meet the goals they set for themselves and reclaim their energy, balance and focus.

This cannot have been an easy transition. Can you share more about your ‘WTF’, ‘What have I been thinking?’?

The most important things are also the hardest, so yes, I’ve had many of those moments when you doubt yourself in all sort of things.

I’ve asked myself: ‘Am I made for this? Am I ready to give up the “great career and lifestyle” I’ve built over so many years? What about if I regret it and it’s hard to go back to what I had before? Am I realistic?’

These doubts came from fear of the unknown and failing your own self and others. But it also made me realize that if I cared so much about it, it was probably worth the risk. I thus decided I would take fear and doubting myself any day over feeling ‘meh’ about how I spend my days.

A good friend of mine recently told me that “fear is excitement without oxygen”. When you feel the fear coming in, give it some oxygen. Breathe in the excitement and breathe out the fear. It works for me every time!

We meet many women trying to redefine themselves and their careers; working hard to let go of many layers/assumptions/etc. Why do you think is the case? Why is it so hard?

Short term it’s easier to tell yourself you’re the same person with the same priorities and needs as you go through life rather than taking a good honest look inwards to adjust your lifestyle to your evolving desires. However, being strong and honest now will pay back wonders long term –that’s my belief. And if in the future, whatever you choose now doesn’t serve you, it’s ok. Nothing is forever.

This doesn’t mean it’s easy. Change is well known to be one of the hardest things for people to go through. I believe it’s even harder for women, as social expectations are often stopping us from manifesting our full potential. However, once you break through these bumps on the road and shift your mindset, the reward is priceless.

What have you found the hardest personally?

Realizing that I had outgrown the career and lifestyle I chose for the first half of my life and that served me so well.

It took me some time to accept it was ok to want something different and that it didn’t mean I was flaky or needy. What I worked so hard for in the past had been great but it didn’t fulfill me any longer.

However, realizing that the skills I had acquired would serve me so well in my new career and make me more competitive made me stronger. Once I fully embraced all that, it was exhilarating to start painting what the next few years of my life would look like.

What helped you?

2 things. Being comfortable with “not knowing what I don’t know”. This is a fear I’ve managed to be ok with and a great learning experience. It makes you humble, more open-minded and bold.

Surrounding myself by people who, instead of projecting their own fears on me, understood what I needed to change in order to grow as a person, were as unbiased as they could be and supported me along the way by sharing what they’re best at.

If a girlfriend comes to you and says ‘girl, I want to change it all. Where should I start?’ What will you say?

2 things. Be strategic about it. Having a plan, even if you need to adjust it along the way (you will, for sure!), will serve you no end, especially during those moments when you don’t see things as clear as you think you should.

Success is contagious and personal so surround yourself with people you admire at what they do and are successful by their own standards. It’s a privilege! You’ll get an incredible energy you will certainly need. Enjoy it, apply it and give it back. It’s good karma!

What ‘living your true self’ means to you these days?

It means I get to be the CEO of my own life and help others get there too…priceless!

Olga wears the Marigold Oni jumpsuit by H.Frediksson.

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