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The Leblon Mule Preto by Mari Giudicelli

Summer Feeling: Slow is the way to go.

Heatwave has been unforgiving lately. Raise your hand if you, like us, have been dreaming about wearing swimwear day and night? Gasp.

What hot temperatures do to you though, is that they get you to walk more slowly, speak less, breathe more and stop in the shade - giving you the time. Time to laugh at the funny quote on your local coffee shop’s sidewalk signage, watch how happy this woman looks, or smell the freshly baked croissants. In short, heat forces us to take it slow.

Slow does not have to mean boring. Au contraire. We are all in agreement that a homemade meal cooked with in season and pesticide-free veggies is as exciting for your palate as it is good for our health. Slow food is the way to go. And it is worth the wait and the investment. What about Fashion?

At Another Garde, taking it slow means two things: restrain and invest. We do not chase trends. We are not frantically purchasing stocks to forcefully push clothes in your closets so they get to be worn only 7 times* (if any at all) before hitting the trash. We design and manufacture what is required by our customers. And we love that our customers are restrained in their purchases and think hard before buying. For us investment pieces are made with time standing quality fabrics, seam bias binding, double stitching, or strong trimmings etc. They are so well made that the day you no longer love them in a few years you will be able to lovingly pass over to another kick ass woman. For another love story.

Love is hard work that takes time. Lots of time. And lots of integrity. We invest in brands who create original visions instead of ripping off ideas from runways. H.Fredriksson and Atha start their prints from personal paintings or photography; Study NY finds unusual ways to use scrap materials for new collections.

But what about the C-word? COST. Local and limited production do cost more than mass manufacturing. Cashmere and cotton do cost more than rayon. Ethical wages do cost more than exploited labor. But we do stand by slow fashion because as Lucy Siegle says: ‘Fast fashion isn’t free. Someone somewhere is paying for it’.

In a world where new choices come up everyday and everywhere, many will think that we are totally nuts. But in a world where time seems to be the only true luxury, we are happy to kick off our shoes and do things at a gentle rhythm. We know a lot of you out there get it and will join us.

#liveit #ownit #loveit

* Average lifetime of a piece of clothing

The Leblon Mule , in Fuschia and Black. Right: the Grid Study Scarves by Atha

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