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Photography and creative direction: Carolina Palmgren. Models: Diandra Forrest, her mom and her daughter Rain.

We were really looking forward to meeting gorgeous and passionate Diandra Forrest, mom, model, activist and gentle soul. We have been stalking her for a while now and are in awe of how she always shows so much strength, compassion and grace - including all the drama surrounding her walking the runway with her newborn Rain . Really? Go Mama!!
Instead of one wonderful woman, we got to meet three generations of fantastic women. Blessed.

Diandra wears the Siren Black Cupro dress by H.Fredriksson, the Cybele collar by Nettie Kent and the Moora earrings by A Peace Treaty. Her mom wears the Zoe silk dress by H.Fredriksson.

You are a fierce human rights and diversity activist. You mentioned that since becoming a mother you feel more committed than ever. What has Rain changed in you?
I have always loved children and wanted to work with children in some way. A few years back, when I found out about the killings and mutilations of persons with albinism that happens in some parts of Africa, my heart was so heavy. Especially thinking of all the children. Seeing my daughter for the first time was an unforgettable moment filled with much love and happiness. I could not imagine adding in the fear that someone might harm my baby because of the color of her skin. She has made my fight to protect our children become one hundred times more passionate.

I loved seeing how you and your mom are so close. Was it always the case?
Yes. Me and my mom have always been connected at the hip and having Rain has only brought us closer. I remember always telling my mom to "stop worrying so much" and she would always says "you'll know exactly how I feel once you have your own children." I now have a new found appreciation for her and know exactly what she means.

I believe that strong women can only raise strong daughters if they are also willing to show their own vulnerability. What's your motto when it comes to raising Rain?
I agree. I really appreciate how my mom has not only been a wonderful mother, but an amazing friend. She lets me into all parts of her life so that I can learn from her mistakes. She is very attentive while listening to my own mistakes with a nonjudgmental ear. I plan on being the same way with Rain. I already tell her everyday how beautiful she is, and I will also teach her the importance of a beautiful heart, remaining humble and, to love God.

Wow. You just made me all teary there. Any other wise advice that you will give Rain as she grows up? Any style tips? Anything that you got from your own mom?
I have a feeling that she is going to be a little fashionista, setting fabulous trends. But from me I'd say to keep it simple and chic. And from my mom "if you find a good pair of jeans that you like buy them twice"

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