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Photography: Carolina Palmgren. Model: Noah Samassa

We wish you a wonderful holiday season! We hope we can continue to woo all the amazing women out there with our curated closet shopping experience. Form + Function is at the center of the collections we hand pick for Another Garde. We privilege designs that set free rather than constrain a woman’s body and movements. When curating our latest additions, we fell in love with the accentuated silhouettes of Study NY’s Gaucho Pants and Schai’s Kimono Tie Poncho. They create gorgeous shapes and lines whether you dreamily stand on a train platform or own it like a boss with your hands on the hips and no nonsense eyes. We continue to favor lean dresses that exude strong, intelligent and effortless femininity over breast hugging cocktail dresses. And with every collection, we are adding chapters to our storytelling of modern womanhood.

However, as we get to know our customers and friends (we love you, queens of our hearts) better, we understand that it is our duty to ask: ‘Amazing pieces, yes -but what is their purpose? What is their true function?’

At Another Garde, a shift is occurring in how we do our job of serving you. As women, we are variably used to dressing to show that we have the chops to sit at the table, hide or fabricate our age, celebrate or tone down our origins, or to look beautiful in the eyes of our loved ones and more. What we are now discovering is that getting dressed is way more complex. For most women, to dress is a challenge because ideally it should be about interpreting what our bodies and souls desire.

We want to shift away from the old adage of ‘beauty is in the eyes of the beholder,’ to advocate for ‘trusting your body.’ Because your body keeps score.

Your body remembers when it has been mistreated. And thankfully, it also remembers when it has been healed and nurtured. Distorted, and tainted mirrors or insecurity can fool eyes, but your skin cannot be tricked: a rash is a rash. Your breasts will not forget if they have been squeezed a bit too much by cheap underwires.

With this in mind, we hope that you love pieces from our new brands, one being Paychi Guh. They design soft and enveloping sheer knits that have a true healing factor and can give you the hug you need when everything seems to be going down the gutter. Suzanne Rae’s tech Draped Coat is so light, over sized, warm and feminine that you will feel armed. Not only against the cold, but also the feeling of invisibility that comes with the ubiquitous winter’s black outerwear. Kowtow’s organic cotton and ethical manufacturing reminds our hearts that feeling good does not have to be at the detriment of other communities.

To conclude, the function of our closet offering can be summed up by these beautiful words of writer Sadie Stein*:

‘Though I’ve had a lot of clothes in my life, a few have stood out – not the most beautiful or most flattering, just pieces that, for a reason or another, at a certain moment in life were invested with special powers – had the capacity to transform me every time I put them on.’

* in WOMEN IN CLOTHES by Sheila Heti, Heidi Julavits, and Leanne Shapton

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