Your Bag

The Brand

Suzanne Rae is a womenswear line based in Brooklyn and inspired and made for progressive and modern women. Often taking inspiration from feminist theory in addition to women’s and gender studies, Suzanne Rae consciously makes clothes for the wearer’s own enhanced experience, not for the gaze of others. They create an aesthetic of quiet self-confidence. Suzanne Rae creates timeless pieces and encourage women to invest in fewer pieces that are of quality, responsibly produced and versatile.

The Mantra

"'With social awareness & sustainability as a part of our foundation, we always apply a careful consciousness while creating for the gentlewoman.'"

The Artistry

Suzanne Rae uses sustainable materials that are luxurious yet socially and environmentally-friendly, such as new innovative fibers: European and American made recycled polyesters and nylons. Each piece is timeless and produced with the utmost care and skill.

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