Your Bag

Photography and Creative Direction by Carolina Palmgren. Model: Kailah NG.

Starting our own line was not an easy decision. The fashion industry is very competitive and unforgiving. So much talent, so many brands, and so much of everything. Does the world really need another label and another Facebook page? In spite of all this, we, Another Garde, decided to go for it. As the French say, pourquoi pas? ('Why not?'). Life is too short to stand still.

Sidonie, le chat Abyssinien. Poplin and Chiffon button up by Another Garde. Periscope leather ball by Moses Nadel, email for private order.

Our collections are focusing on year round pieces that can build yet transform your wardrobe. Favoring neutral tones, easy fits and details for the discerning eye, we construct clothing that is ageless, modern, fluid and feminine at its core. Our first style is a classic blouse: chic and versatile. Your go-to and risqué staple piece. Our Lou button up is clean and versatile with an edge of asymmetry. Its tuxedo inspired style blends a structured cotton poplin mandarin collar and front panels with sensual, flowing and milky chiffon sleeves. This shirt truly moves as you do: it is a subtle statement piece. Own it, live in it, love it.

Our creative and design process is studious and collaborative. We work with Julia Emily Knox; Brooklyn-based British milliner for our hats, and pattern makers from Paris for our clothing collection. We strive to combine European savoir faire with New York no-nonsense style and local manufacturing.
We will release a couple of styles at a time: a love letter -flavored with plenty of quirky foreign accents - at a time.

Rose gold bracelet by PLUMA

Fashion is 'just' clothes: beautiful lifetime pieces when they are well crafted and empowering when they are designed with women rather than cameras in mind.If we can achieve this at Another Garde, then 'c'est déjà pas mal' (it will not be such a bad thing), don't you think?

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